Share Your Story Over the Phone

If you have ever been a part of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, you have a unique opportunity today to add to the story you just read about, by contributing your own stories. It doesn’t have to be a long speech– any short recollections, or family anecdotes about your experiences as a member of the St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral community will enrich the historical record and help future generations learn about what it was like!

If you would like to share your own oral history as an audio file, follow the easy instructions below to do it over the phone, or go here to leave a written record.*

1) Call +1 (888) 821-7563 

2) Dial extension 12804

3) Dial 1

4) Tell your story

5) Hang up!

Your story will appear here within a week, after it has been listened to and tagged according to the time period and topic you told us about. Thank you for contributing to the historical record of your parish!

*By submitting these histories, contributors forfeit any ownership of said recordings/posts.